If you are celebrating with a formal wine dinner party or casual backyard BBQ , you’ll no doubt crack a bottle or two.

It is also likely your guests will arrive with a bottle in hand!

Do you serve theirs or yours?

What is the etiquette and how to handle the food pairing?!

Nightmares are no longer, we switch the light on and give you some tips which will leave your guests raving.

If someone brings wine, do I serve it?

Only if you want to, it’s usually a gift.

If you have brought the bottle to be served, politely say, ‘thought this would go well with … ‘

Can I bring a bottle that I will like, just in case?

If you know that your host will serve the polar opposite of what you drink, is it snobby to show up with something else to share instead? Not at! Just be tactful.

You’re always welcome to bring a bottle of wine or two to a party. You can always say, I have been wanting to try this for a while, let’s crack it!


What if they bring food that doesn’t pair?

A dinner is to spend time with people you love, so be flexible. It is a way to make guests feel comfortable and have

a good time. Things don’t have to be perfect for that to happen.


Red wine on my new couch???

Deal with it politely, clean it up – no billing for drycleaning though ☹


What if the bottle is corked?

Let everyone together have a discussion and suggest to the host they might want to take it back.

Dirty glasses are my pet hate, can I bring my own?

Unless your Kelly then no! HAHA, A little dirt didn’t hurt anyone.

What if my wine is not at the right temperature?

Unless it’s hot or frozen, don’t make an issue of it.  Ice in wine, well that is another blog! This is great, but I prefer it colder.  If a wine is too cold, let it set, or warm the glass with your hands.

How do we handle the wine wanker?

Dinner parties aren’t teachable moments to correct behaviour, Simply change the subject if the conversation gets too frustrating.

The beautiful thing about wine is that it’s a personal journey.

Right, I’m tired it’s late, can I just go to bed?

Try a few subtle tactics like starting to cleaning up. Otherwise try  it’s been great having your over, but you have an early day tomorrow and you need to hit the sack.


Can I take the leftover wine home that I brought?

Usually no, it stays with the host, but if you know they won’t drink it, just ask! Hey do you mind if I take this for the road?


Let us know how your’s go!

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