An aged old question? Wine drinking habits have evolved with the changing times. What temperature should my red wine be served at?


Even though this is a personal choice, just as much as the varietal and region. In the Eastern European countries, they are known to leave their red wine in the fridge to chill overnight! If this is something you are doing, unfortunately you could be killing all the flavour and aroma the is in your lovely wine.


Though in Australia, most red wines as a general rule are served at room temperature. Now obviously, they aren’t in the tropics, are they? We were just at a restaurant the other day, when we found a bottle of French red. I hadn’t tasted this particular bottle for over 15 years. You could imagine my excitement when I saw it on the list. Unfortunately, it was served at room temperature which is more like 28 degrees, so a few degrees’ cooler would have made this experience the best of the year yet!  Don’t get me wrong it was still smooth and all things delightful!


Nothing spoils a wine more than serving it at the wrong temperature.


In our experience, most of red wines are best served between 14-17 degrees. Once the wine warms and decants in the glass the flavours and aromas intensify and this we think is such a lovely experience and the you can go on a journey through the winemaking process.

If you don’t have a wine fridge, put your red wine in your normal 2-degree fridge for about 20 minutes before you serve.


Remember though that heat and sunlight are the two worse things for red wine!


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