“Gabriel Glass” Classic 2 pack gift set


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Food Matches -
Varietal Barbera
Vintage 2016
Region -
Biodynamic -
Organic -
Vegan -
Cellaring -


Engineered to enhance your wine experience


We love these glasses and use them personally and professionally.


Dishwasher Safe Crystal

The Gabriel-Glas is strong by design.  Each glass is moulded as one piece, seamless with no stress points (e.g. at the base of the bowl, or base of the stem like many other glasses).  Gabriel-Glas, of Austria, is lead-free crystal and perfectly safe in your dishwasher!

One Glass for All

The glass is ideal for every style of wine. Form follows function: The broader base of the bowl of the glass — a precise 95 millimetres — and the conical shape at the top of the glass— allows for the “nose” of a wine, its top, middle and a base notes to emerge in the glass. The glass acts as a gentle decanter. The shape is designed for the maximum enjoyment of every varietal and style of wine served in the glass.

The Feel

Every millimetre of this glass has been designed with purpose, starting with the foot of the glass. The absolute flatness of the bottom gives it stability. The weight of the foot determines the balance of the glass in your hand. The combination of the length of the stem and its barely perceptible x-shape makes holding this glass in your hand a pleasure.


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