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Do you love wine? Want to learn more about the world of wine?


Piper Collective is bringing you a hands-on introduction to the world of wine, never seen before in the Territory.

Kelly along with one of Australia’s leading Sommelier’s, Jeff Salt, will explore the main types and styles of wine.

Once completed, your certificate will show that you are able to confidently describe wines and pair food with wine.


What you’ll learn:

Stages of Grape Growing

Styles of wine

How to Store and Serve wine

How to taste and pair wine


This full day (8am – 4pm) course is designed for the wine lover working in the industry or any like-minded wine lover that would like an in-depth knowledge.


Spend Thursday 2nd May with Jeff Salt! :Lunch, wine and snacks included.


1 Stages of Grape Growing

  1. What is a grape
    • Skin – Tannin and colour
    • Pulp – Water and sugar
  2. Growing of the grape
    • Annual cycle of the grape – Flowering and ripening
  3. Climate
    • Cool Climate – where in Australia
    • Warm Climate – where in Australia
    • Soil Types – Sandy Loam vs clay etc
    • Climate change – what grapes and winemakers are facing in the future
    • Sustainability in wines
  4. Fermentation
    • What is fermentation
    • Why use sugar and yeast
    • 2nd Fermentation process
  5. Winemaking process
    • Harvest
    • Crushing
    • Fermenting
    • Pressing
    • Mature
    • Bottling
    • White vs Red vs Rose




2 Styles of wine

  1. Characteristics
    • Colour – White Red etc
    • Aromas – fruit driven etc
    • Structure – Tannins
  2. Varieties
    • White Varieties
    • Red Varieties
    • Inspiration
    • Winemakers stories
    • Tip on where to go and what to do at cellar door
    • Tool to make you comfortable in cellar door/winery environments
    • Body of wine
    • Terminology of wine
  3. Other styles
    • Styles around the world

3 Storage of wine

  1. How to store wine
    • Storage – Temperature, Light and vibration
    • Vintage and aging wine
  2. Serving temperature of wines
    • White Wine
    • Sparkling
    • Rose
    • Red
  3. How to serve wine
    • How to Open wine
    • Glassware
    • Coravin system
  4. Food principals for pairing


4 How to taste wine

  1. Drinking styles
  2. Terminology
  3. Smell
  4. Taste
  5. Vegan wines
  6. Trends in wine
  7. Pair with food or cheese



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