Darwin Fest, meet your match! 3 Piper pairings for 3 festivities…

Thinking about heading out to Darwin Festival? Here are a few events that pair well with some of our favourite Piper Collective wines:


Altair Rose Meets Terminally Positive

Amy Hertherington, Terminally Positive, Darwin Festival, Comedy, Comedian, Female, Bubbly

We love comedy and the festival is full of it! We’re excited to see Amy Hertherington of Terminally Positive as she debuts her show to the festival. Her positively jammed packed 1-hour show has received excellent reviews and everything you need to put a smile on your face! So what pairs well with humour, positivity and a reason to celebrate the festival? Bubbles! NV Deviation Road’s Altair Rosé Brut is a perfect match for celebrating the festival and sharing a laugh amongst friends.

Pairing Notes: Light-Hearted, e­nergetic, positive, fun

Pricing: $25 Ticket, $32 Bottle

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 Minnow Meets Festival Lounge

Jazz Vocalist, Jazz, Hetty Kate, Darwin Festival, The Railway, Festival Lounge

Celebrate the end of the working week at The Rail’s Festival Lounge. It’s the perfect reason to get out, kick back and experience the musical notes of the festival featuring Jazz Vocalist, Hetty Kate. This intricate mix of Jazz, folk and experimental sounds draws a massive crowd of open-minds and live-music enthusiasts every Friday! Hear music that’s just as unique and full-depth as one of our favourite blends, Minnow by ShadowFax. A blend that’s sure to excite the senses and liven up your night!

Pairing Notes: Intricate, exciting, unique

Pricing: $35 Ticket, $25 Bottle

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Filius Meets The Birds

The Birds, Darwin Festival, Cabaret, Musical, Theatre, Entertainment, Must-See

If you want to experience something different The Birds theatrical performance is your opportunity! Described as the festival’s “unmissable” theatre event, we’re curious and enticed to form our own review. The provocative show promises a wild night of feathery cabaret fun which is an obvious match for our favourite bird-branded Cab-Sauv, Filius by Vasse Felix. A fruity blend with a savoury kick combining merlot and malbec.


Pairing Notes: Eccentric, juicy, provocative

Pricing: $42/Ticket, $29/Bottle

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