As I sit here in a bubble bath listening to the bubbles pop, smelling the candles that are burning I’m thinking, geez, I haven’t had a bath for a long time! Why am I having a bath again, oh yes, I have to write a Blog? I have to write a Blog because it’s bubble bath day. OK let’s try and get the perfect photo. Should I have my hair wet or dry? wow, this is my favourite hope you like it.

But seriously 1:30 in the afternoon just dropped my kids off at my sister’s and the house is quiet.  Now I’m sitting here wondering if I should be drinking the red wine that I’ve poured just for the photo that I don’t like, well what the hell I’ve got a yoga session next week so what’s another glass.  It’s all in the name of work right?
To tell you the truth, I’m procrastinating. Sales aren’t doing as well and my 2019 hasn’t been the high powered performance that I wanted but hey it’s bubble bath day so let’s give you some facts about bubble bath day and why you should be celebrating today;
Bubble Baths have been always seen as the luxurious and often pleasant task of getting the unwanted dirt away.
Bubbles have the ability to help remove and prevent the nasty ring that forms around your bath-tub, leaving you, and your tub, that much cleaner. Additionally, it can effectively preserve the modesty of one in a bath as the bubbles obscure vision.
Bubble baths in general, speaking of the substance one puts in ones bath to cause the bubbles, are often pleasantly scented, and many of them are combined with ingredients that serve to help moisturize the skin and relax the bather.
Now obviously this is a European tradition as it’s hot today!  But nevertheless, who to shy away when called…

Now here are a few things you could do for bubble bath day;


1 Run yourself a bubble bath

Sit with a glass of bubbles red white whatever your choice is and practice mindfulness really just let your mind wander listen to your breath in and out and take a sip of that delicious wine and then you relax.

Photo Credit to Moo Media for styling and photography. Just beautiful Amanda.

2 buy some bubble bath  for somebody else

That person that has helped you or just needs a bit of a pickup. Research says if someone is given some bubble stuff they are actually more willing to take that bath.


3 Yep, the kids

Or like me this evening I’ll be letting the kids run wild in their own bubble bath

But seriously just go jump in your pool, be surrounded by water called a bath and have a glass and enjoy the New Year, your already a week in, well done.
P.s. wait for my blog – Don’t step on a bee day

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