Champagne and sparkling wine is famous as a luxury drink, actually THE luxury drink!  So why is it so iconic?

According to historian Kolleen Guy, champagne dates back to the 1500’s and was the celebratory drink for all occasions.

The socialites of France used to drink it and when it became less expensive with the Non-vintage (NV) varieties the larger houses saw it as an opportunity that could not be missed. It then became accessible to most.

It’s not only the grapes that have to come from the Champagne region but the 3 varieties from a small area of champagne.  These are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

There is also a method that is required to be followed in order to put Champagne on your label.  By following a complicated succession of steps to make the French menthode’.  “Champenoise” is part of the second fermentation process to make the fine bead that we now know as champagne.

Often, there is discussion around glassware. Does your sparkling taste better in a Flute?

Those who have been into the Piper Collective tasting room will know that champagne is not meant to be in flutes, the aroma and the bead ( or perl’age) should escape and the flavour should be as delightful as a fragrant flower that you love !

Though as I always say, every day should start with bubbles and on special occasions your favourite is always the best

Our next Champagne tasting is on 9th February be quick to get your seat!

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