The lunar calendar has been used in Farming, grape harvest and winemaking for centuries. Recently though there has been notes that the moon’s effect on what how your wine tastes.


Does the moon really affect how good a bottle of wine tastes? Is this the trick to why sometimes our wine taste better than other days?


We’ve been testing this theory for a little while now. Last night was one of them, again proved correct, shouldn’t have had the third glass 🙂
And this month also we have 6 planets in retrograde including Mercury, its a time to take a holiday, self heal or just rest up for the coming months. By the 11th August it will be go go go until Christmas.
So to enjoy your wine even more see our days that you should pull out that special bottle!
The rule of thumb;
Root Days (Earth element) – Not good wine drinking days
Flower Days (Air element) – Great white wine drinking days
Leaf Days (Water element) – Not good wine drinking days
Fruit Days (Fire element) – Red wine days – crack open one from the cellar, you won’t be disappointed!
Sparkling or Champagne  – Every day should start with some bubbles 🙂
For July there are some days to drink and for those needing some AFD’s (Alcohol-Free Days) this is for you too;
July 12th moon hits Sagittarius which is fruit and fire red wine drinking time;
July 14th moon enters Capricorn which is root Earth not great for drinking wine at all, but not until late so have a nice Red Sunday and Monday 15th can be your AFD.
July 17th moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is a flower air sign drink some beautiful white wine today maybe some Voigner or some Riesling it’ll taste to perfect!
July 19th Moon enters Pisces late so go hard Friday night on some nice white’s and maybe be the Sober Bob on Saturday. Or is it Gin time?
We have some private guests in the tasting room on the 19th they’ll be enjoying some beautiful white wine.
July 23rd we’re going to have some awesome reds on tasting so make sure you join us in the room.
 And our wine club is being delivered around the 12th so enjoy some red wine then
And for last day of the month of 31st of July Wednesday night we’re going to have a classic wine tasting where cancer goes into Leo There will be delightful red wines and some luscious chocolates will be a treat make sure you join us.
To see the full calendar of days for drinking, download here

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