Not sure on how to crack their code?

Interestingly enough, according to Wine Australia Millennial’s are expected to become the world’s largest consumer group within the next 10 years, thanks to being the children of the baby boomer generation.

So what to get the Millennial or Gen Y this Christmas? Well Here are our top 5 tips

1: An experience (or at least a voucher for one)

This generation is lead by experience based consumption.

Unlike the previous generations, they want more for their money than just a transaction. They are experience based consumers.

They are the era of Social Media and selfies so they want something they can share with their followers.

A bespoke wine tasting paired with wines that will give them an experience and photo-worthy content is number 1 on their list.

Get your voucher to a Classic wine and cheese pairing.

2: Something with bubbles

Sparkling wine consumption is growing at a faster rate than still wine consumption, and if you look at our range our Piper Collective Sparkling is what will hit the spot with the Millennial in your life, male or female, who doesn’t love bubbles?


3: Anything Tech

From smart watches to headphones, these guys are all about tech and multitasking. Gotta see what everyone is saying about their bubbles on the balcony pic! This generation is all about Newism, they crave new and updated items all the time, so if you’re on a budget grab them a new band for their current Fitbit or a personalised phone cover… we love this one…


4: Something different

Millennials ‘shop promiscuously’ according to Angela Woo, Alter Agents– that is, they have little brand loyalty and are highly motivated to try new, innovative products.

So that new brand here, or unknown wine varietal. Did you hear there is a new one? AVA? Not produced in Australia as yet.

If you want to shop local for the man in your life, why not a star barber voucher for a trim and shave? And for the millennial women in your life, A blow out from Dryblow Darwin.  Another popular spot is John John’s for Ice-cream. SkyCity have some great Territorian rates, these guys are likely to be still living at home so a night away is loved and appreciated.

5: Board Games

Yep, the old wooden ones in particular. Sustainability is a consideration so the wooden board games that can bring people together, to laugh and create memories. (both on and off social media)



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